I am clearing out the archives this week and have found some of the left over music that I either didn’t finish or served some utility such as testing out recording and instruments. The following is a piece that I wrote to test out the integration between Hydrogen (drum machine), Logic (converted this from Garageband), and my new Stingray bass.

There was this lofty goal of writing a song around it about the process of people becoming strangers to one another in the world where we can overcommunicate online in social media. It was also around the time of a divorce where the intentions of both parties were found to be completely unaligned. I realized that after my singing voice got destroyed, there would be no sense of trying to use that to mask my somewhat questionable skills as a lyricist to proffer something so maudalin. So instead, you get a three section drum and bass thing.

The picture in the video was taken at the Cleveland Art Museum in the Buddhist art exhibit.